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Courses and workshops


Panther Peak Bindery is beautifully situated on five acres on the outskirts of Tucson, near Saguaro National Park.

We offer courses for beginners and advanced binders, and everyone in between. 

As the bookbinding instructor at the North Bennet Street School for nine years, I taught all major aspects of bookbinding and conservation. The courses at Panther Peak Bindery draw upon that experience as well as my many years as a private binder and conservator.

Visiting instructors are all full-time professional binders or conservators who excel in the work they teach at Panther Peak, and are excellent instructors.

Private tutorials are also available on any aspect of binding and conservation.

We have a fully equipped, air conditioned bindery with plenty of space.  The studio is over 400 square feet and the adjoining bindery has over 300.  In the studio we have 3 Kutrimmers, five presses, a job backer, a Kwikprint and a combination press.

Please note that at this time the nearest bathroom is in our house which is about 150 feet from the studio.

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