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Bernard Middleton slide show

Bookbinding photos

Examples of recent work

Music binding

Slide show on paste making

Swedish pastepapers

Videos on aspects of bookbinding

The All-Ligator sewing frame

Repair and conservation

Repair of old family Bibles

Color matching

Conservation photos

Drop spine boxes


Flexible leather bindings, limp leather books

Is it a book or artifact?

Music binding and repair

Newspaper treatment and binding


Repair options

The question to ask your binder or conservator

Examples of recent work

Videos on aspects of bookbinding

Workshop information

Current course schedule

Google calendar of upcoming events and courses

Housing and things to do in Tucson

Google map showing general location of Panther Peak Bindery

List of courses I've offered at Panther Peak Bindery

Panther Peak Bindery t-shirts


Media - articles, and a few television and radio broadcasts

Feedback: comments from customers

How to proceed if you have a project

Getting your book to Panther Peak:
packing, shipping, directions, etc.

Google map showing general location

Payment options

Panther Peak Bindery

Map of Tucson and Panther Peak Bindery

Slides taken from our part of Tucson

Sunset at Panther Peak Bindery

Suppliers: our primary sources of tools and supplies

Harmatan Leather slides

P & S Engraving slides

Videos on bookbinding

Email addresses


Some links:

North Bennet Street School The best place to go if you want to learn binding, or want to become a book conservator. The leading conservators all started out as binders. Two excerpts of school videos (on this site) linked by clicking here.

Guild of Book Workers The national bookbinding organization. Consists of a national organization along with a collection of local chapters -- it has something for everyone interested in books.

American Institute for Conservation The main conservation group in this country. Their web site has helpful information and is worth checking out.

Book Arts-L An online discussion on bookbinding and related topics.

Kubb rules and history Just because it’s important to know.

Stiga table hockey school If you come to Panther Peak it might be good to learn a few plays. Why? Because it'll make you a better person. And it's fun.


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